At ASSIF N'ITRANE ~ the River of Stars ~ you have the choice of staying in one of our atmospheric deluxe tents each with its own private en suite or your own private bespoke tented camp.

Deluxe Tent – Sultana

SULTANA is decorated with the traditional design and green, red, white and yellow colours of imperial Morocco.

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Deluxe Tent – Titrite

TITRITE is named for the story of the young Berber woman who became a star after she was refused permission to marry the man she loved "Isli".

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Deluxe Tent – Itri

ITRI is named after the legendary Berber man who became a star after he was refused permission to marry "Tislite", the beautiful young Berber woman with whom he was in love.

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Deluxe Tent – Isli

ISLI is the Berber word for groom - traditional Berber wedding celebrations last for around a week.

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Deluxe Tent – Tislite

TISLITE is the berber word for "bride" and on their wedding day Berber brides traditionally wear lots bright colour.

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Bespoke Private Camp

At Assif n'Itrane we can provide you with your own special bespoke private tented camp.

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Our Deluxe Tents

Our large comfortable deluxe two-room tents allow you to enjoy your Moroccan desert experience combining the ambience of a traditional Berber nomad tent with comfort of modern amenities. Each deluxe tent is approximately 20m² with a 4m x 4m bedroom and adjoining 2m x 2m private en suite. Our deluxe tents features include:

  • King or twin beds in off-floor bed frame
  • Full bedding: pillows, bedding linen, blankets, Australian lambs’ wool quilts and towels
  • Authentic Moroccan carpets fully carpeting the tent floor area
  • Atmospheric traditional Moroccan lanterns (lit with environmental friendly energy efficient electric light globes)
  • 240V power socket outlet (solar powered)
  • Battery powered lantern
  • Complimentary bottle of mineral water
  • Private en suite containing:
    • gravity feed shower with hot and cold water
    • hand basin with hot and cold water (not for drinking)
    • western style flushing toilet
  • Solar powered in-room electricity supply